Mission and objectives

The fundamental mission of the Department of International Relations is in line with the mission of the University, aiming to strengthen participation in the international exchange of values, through international cooperation, and to assert our affiliation to the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area. The Department of International Relation has the mission to secure the development of ongoing academic collaborations between “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad and other universities, research institutes, and cultural and social institutions across Europe and worldwide.

The Department of International Relations fosters European and international integration and cooperation, as well as access to lifelong learning. The main goal of the Department of International Relations is to support the University’s internationalization policy and promote its image as an institution of education, science and culture, both in Europe and globally.
The general objectives of the department are:

  • to prepare the strategy of “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad in matters of international relations;
  • to strengthen cooperation with foreign education institutions, by maintaining and developing relations with partner universities or organizations and establishing new collaboration, both at European and at international level;
  • to increase VGWU’s international visibility by organizing symposia, conferences and summer schools with international attendance, by editing valuable publications, as well as by constantly improving the department’s website, so as to reflect the entire international activity of VGWU;
  • to enhance the university’s reputation by disseminating results obtained by the international academic community;
  • to facilitate inter-university mobility in a context where faculty, student and graduate mobility is one of the important elements of the Bologna Process, influencing the quality of higher education and research, in line with European standards;
  • to develop joint degrees between VGWU and universities from Europe and across the world;
  • to invite experts from other countries as visiting professors;
  • to engage a large number of professors in reputed international conferences as keynote speakers;
  • to participate in European international programmes funded by the European Union or other bodies;
  • to foster the University’s affiliation to new academic and professional international bodies;
  • to develop work within the FEDE Department by implementing new courses;
  • to develop the University’s network of international cultural centers;
  • to develop the University’s multicultural side by organizing cultural and educative events;
  • to attract a large number of foreign students in degrees organized by the university’s faculties.


Address94-96 Revoluţiei Bdlv., 310025, Arad, 1st floor, Room 3
Phone: 0040 257-285813
E-mail: relint@uvvg.ro

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