“Friedrich Schiller” Center for Germanic Studies

The “Friedrich Schiller” Center for Germanic Studies was founded in 2006, after Agreement of Cooperation was concluded between the University of Wiesbadenand “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, its establishment being a necessity for the academic study of German in this area, known for its Germanophile tradition. The Agreement of Cooperation between the two universities was signed in November 2005, by Prof. Aurel Ardelean, PhD, then Rector of “Vasile Goldiş” WesternUniversity, and Prof. Clemens Klockner, PhD, President of the University of Wiesbaden, and as such we received the mission to do whatever possible to bring this project to fruition. The inauguration of “Friedrich Schiller” GermanCenter took place in Mai 2006, on the occasion of the Arad Academic Days.

At the inauguration of the Center It is worth noting the generous and competent input of the German partner, as well as the availability and responsiveness of the Rector of “Vasile Goldiş” WesternUniversity. In a relatively short time, a sanctuary of German culture came into existence, with state-of-the-art equipment. Our collaboration with the German partner was materialized in funding, which enabled us to equip the Center with multimedia devices, diversified and complexe bibliography, the latest educational materials for learning German, interactive courses, DVDs for courses of German Culture and Civilization, the Brockhaus collection, electronic dictionaries, etc.  Thus, this center comes to meet student requirements and all those who are interested in studying German language and civilization.

We enjoy good collaboration with similar centers at home and abroad:

The Goethe Institute of Timisoara and Bucharest, the Schiller German Center of Bucharest, the Center for Modern Languages at the University of Wiesbaden, at “Matej Bel” University of Slovakia, at “Tomasse Batti” University of Zlin, Czech Republic, at “Tessedek Samuel” University of Bekescsaba, Hungary s.a. This collaboration is materialized in joint cultural and educational activities (German language courses), faculty and students exchanges, etc.

The “Friedrich Schiller” German Center prevalently conducts the following activities:

  • German language courses for any level and any speciality, taught with multimedia techniques by professors with multiple specializations from Germany and by visiting professors from Germany;
  • symposia, lectures and courses on German culture and civilization;
  • German film presentations and screenings,  received from the DAAD Lectorate in Timişoara;
  • literary evenings with teachers from “Adam Müller Guttenbrunn” German High School of Arad, from “Nikolaus Lenau” High School of Timişoara, as well as guests from Germany: Professor Mareike Schellenberg, PhD, Lecturer Tanja Becker, PhD, the poet and prose-writer, Ingeborg Boeringer - Bruns
  • joint actions with the “Goethe” German Cultural Center of Timişoara and with the “Schiller” Cultural Center of Bucharest: literary and musical evenings, film screenings, exhibitions, courses, contests, interactive evenings of tradition German songs etc.;
  • organization of curriculum-in-service days for teachers of German;
  • cultural exchanges and student mobility with partner universities: outgoing students to the Universities of Wiesbaden, Munich, Heidelberg, Rottenburg, Tübingen (Germany), Zlin (Czech Republic), Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), Bekescaba (Hungary), Vienna (Austria).
  • guidance and provision of bibliography for bachelor thesis;
  • building on outstanding figures of German culture: Fr. Schiller, J. W. Goethe, S. Bach, L. Beethoven, L. Erhard, R. Koch, I. Kant, Herta Müller, etc.
  • highlighting Christmas, Easter and other traditions of the German people.
  • elaboration of studies and research on German translation science and linguistics, materialized in articles that are published in national and international journals;
  • obtainment of the DAF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) German language certificate, in collaboration with the “Goethe” Center for German Language of Timişoara;

An important concern of the Center is to train students to obtain scholarships in Germany and in other countries. Thus, students are periodically counseled and prepared for obtaining the German language certificate, and guidance is provided for them in preparing applications files for obtaining DAAD scholarships. As a result of this support, a considerable number of students have benefited from these scholarships, fully funded by the German state, and have attended courses in Germany, at the Universities of Wiesbaden, Munich, Berlin, Bremen, Heidelberg, Rottenburg, Tübingen, Frankfurt am Main.

In the context of worldwide economic expansion and the important role of the German language in Europe and in the world, the activity of the “Friedrich Schiller” German Center in Arad responds to a stringent market requirement by training students as future German-speaking experts in all areas.



Address: Arad, 3, Unirii Street

Phone: 0257 282 324

Email: schillerzentrum@yahoo.com



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