Italian Cultural Centre

The Italian Cultural Center was founded in May 2009, having as main purpose to develop and disseminate Italian language and culture in Romania, to promote specific Italian cultural activities, by means of cultural events promoting ideas, arts and sciences. The Center collaborates with the Embassy of the Italian Republic to Romania and the Italian Consulate in Timişoara.

Among the objectives of the center are:

  • to organize courses, conferences, seminars and trainings;
  • to promote study and research activities;
  • to participate in joint research projects;
  • to disseminate information;
  • to establish intercultural cooperation networks between Italian and Romanian public and private institutions.

The Italian Cultural Center is managed by:


Prof. dr. Giuseppe Zaccaria, PhD, University of Padua

Professor Coralia Cotoraci, PhD, "Vasile Goldis" Western University of Arad

Tiberiu Grunwald, PhD

The operative groups from the part of the two institutions consist of:

Studies University of Padova:

Professor Maurilio Gobbo, PhD, Coordinating
Professor Adone Brandalise, PhD
Professor Patrizia Messina, PhD
Professor Gianni Riccamboni, PhD

"Vasile Goldis" Western University of Arad

Professor Coralia Adina Cotoraci, PhD, Coordinating
Professor Cristian Haiduc, PhD
Associate Professor Marius Grec, Ph.D.
Lecturer Petru Ciacli, Ph.D.



Address: 92 Revolutiei Bdlv., 310025, Arad, RO

Phone/Fax: 0040-0257-212103

Mobile: 0040-742-598955; 0039-334-9161076;




Address94-96 Revoluţiei Bdlv., 310025, Arad, 1st floor, Room 3
Phone: 0040 257-285813

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